Today’s payment landscape is changing at a breakneck speed. We are seeing exciting new ways merchants can reap the benefits of mobile tech to lower costs and remove the pain associated with combining mobile apps with their payment solutions.

This year was an exciting one for the payments landscape. We saw growing demand for EMV as the industry prepared for new regulations, further market acceptance of new currencies and increasingly widespread interest in mobile payments and NFC solutions. And the negative things – including multiple security breaches – acted as motivators for change.

We believe everything that took place in 2014 helped set the stage for future innovation. So what’s to come for payments in 2015? Below are our predictions for the new year.

It’s always exciting to have team members recognized for their expertise. While we’d like to believe our internal praise for employees’ exemplary work is quite rewarding – getting recognition from industry peers is even more impressive!

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Fifteen years ago, Apriva got its start when my fellow co-founder and colleague’s daughter dropped a RIM device into a glass of Kool-Aid. Taking that early BlackBerry apart to dry it out led to us looking at mobile devices in an entirely different way – not just for communications, but as a means of conducting wireless commerce. And so Apriva was founded.

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